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Youweixin won the first place in the enterprise group of the 8th "Maker China" Optoelectronic Small and Medium sized Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and was nominated for the Top 50 Maker China Nationwide

Company News · 2023-12-01 10:47:22

In order to further enhance the innovation capability and specialization level of small and medium-sized enterprises, and create a source of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the Notice on Holding the 8th "Maker China" Small and Medium sized Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (MIIT Joint Enterprise Letter [2023] No. 191).WeChat images_ 2023112993258.png

It is reported that the competition has held a total of 35 regional competitions, 12 key industry themed competitions, and 1 overseas regional competition final, with over 37000 registered and recorded projects.

The "Research and Industrialization of Semiconductor UV LED Devices" project of Youweixin won the first place in the enterprise group of the 8th "Maker China" Optoelectronic Small and Medium sized Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and was nominated for the Top 50 Maker China Nationwide.



The necessity of developing the ultraviolet LED industry

The application of ultraviolet radiation is very extensive. As a traditional ultraviolet lamp technology, mercury lamps pose great harm to human health and the environment due to the highly toxic mercury metal they contain. In 2020, China will prohibit the production and use of high-pressure mercury lamps, mercury containing fluorescent lamps, and other products in accordance with the requirements of the United Nations Minamata Convention on Mercury.

UV LED is a new generation of UV light source based on third-generation semiconductor materials, which is China's blue ocean market breakthrough in the field of non visible light LED. Therefore, the development of semiconductor ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to replace traditional mercury lamps is not only a trend in the development of ultraviolet light sources, but also an urgent need for sustainable economic and social development in China. The national "13th Five Year Plan" for the development of strategic emerging industries and the "Made in China 2025" clearly require improving the supply capacity of core infrastructure hardware such as advanced semiconductor light sources, expanding and strengthening the energy-saving service industry, encouraging the research and development of high-power semiconductor light source chips and devices and other efficient energy-saving equipment, and pointing out the direction for the development of ultraviolet LED chips.

Breaking international monopolies and filling domestic gaps

The efficiency improvement of ultraviolet LED chips has always been a scientific and technological challenge. Youweixin has accumulated various technological advantages from semiconductor material epitaxial growth, device technology, chip packaging to terminal system design, and has built a full industry chain of UV LED chips+packaging+components. After more than 10 years of continuous research and development, we have achieved systematic breakthroughs in key technologies of high-efficiency ultraviolet LED chips, possessing a series of independent intellectual property rights and innovative technologies, and have successfully achieved commercial applications, generating good social and economic benefits.

High quality epitaxial material MOCVD growth technology

A new AlN material growth kinetics model was established to address the growth challenges of epitaxial materials in large mismatch strain systems. AlN thick films with a thickness of over 10 microns and crystal quality reaching international advanced levels were developed, providing key material guarantees for the preparation of high-efficiency ultraviolet LED chips.

Full space high reflection ODR optical field control technology

A full space omnidirectional high reflection ODR system was designed from the perspective of light field control to address the problem of light extraction in deep ultraviolet LEDs. This system effectively regulates the propagation path of photons inside the chip, suppresses interface total reflection effect and absorption loss, synchronously achieves TE and TM polarization modes of light extraction, and improves the light extraction efficiency of deep ultraviolet LED chips.

High efficiency deep ultraviolet LED chip

Implemented chip size of 20 mils × A 20 mil deep ultraviolet LED chip with a luminous wavelength of 280 nm. At a working current of 20 mA, the external quantum efficiency reaches 7.03%, which is at the advanced level in China, further narrowing the gap with the international leading level.

Efficient sterilization deep ultraviolet LED core components

Developed deep ultraviolet LED core components for efficient sterilization and disinfection, such as 280 nm deep ultraviolet LED array modules, annular deep ultraviolet LED light source components, etc. These modular devices have been successfully applied in multiple fields such as air purification, water purification, and surface sterilization.

High density COB near-ultraviolet LED array light source

We have achieved technological breakthroughs in three high-end photocurable fields: high-quality offset printing applications, high-speed fiber coating applications, and large-area liquid crystal display applications. The developed high-efficiency ultraviolet LED light source has achieved world-class performance, filling the gap in the domestic industry and supporting the development of the country's core industry.