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The 8th Anniversary Celebration of Youweixin was successfully held!

Company News · 2023-03-31 14:41:50

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Eight years of spring and autumn, string songs never stop; Through the wind and rain, the firewood is passed down from generation to generation. Shaohua is in a hurry, with scenes of wonderful moments that are worth cherishing, one by one the figures of struggle that shed sweat, and one by one the construction poems that have been painstakingly devoted, to jointly compose the magnificent music of the growth and development of Youweixin.

On March 18, the celebration of the eighth anniversary of "Yufeng Eight Years of Excellence" was solemnly held. All employees of the company gathered together to share the highlights and joy of the eight years of development of Youweixin.

The company has customized exclusive commemorative sweaters and badges for each employee



Sign in on the wall, employees punch in and leave messages for the companyBest wishes



On the morning of the 18th, a passionate spring sports meeting was held, with all employees collaborating and cooperating with each other. In various sports, they displayed a team style of perseverance and striving for the first place forever.


Unity is strength tug of war




Jumping Rope Race


come together through thick and thin3 people 4foot


Dynamic and Joyful Kangaroo Jump Relay


Eighth anniversary celebrations

On the scene of the eighth anniversary celebration, two hosts from the chip department announced the official start of the eighth anniversary celebration of Youweixin!


Youweixin is a big family, but also a big family with love. Let's take a look at these cute "family members"!



0320_22-1.jpgImage display of some departments

Honorary Award for Contribution


Youweixin has gone through eight years, eight years of hard work and outstanding achievements. The company is developing and expanding rapidly every day. There are a group of people who have been deeply rooted in Youweixin for many years, who are diligent and hardworking. They witness the development process of the company, recognize the company's cultural philosophy, and they are the core backbone who accompanied Youweixin through its glorious years.

  & nbsp; At the celebration site, the Eighth Anniversary Contribution Honorary Award was solemnly held. In the majestic and passionate awarding music, all the winners took the stage and received the trophy from the company's leaders. At that moment, the "core" light shone with each other and the applause lasted for a long time.



The chairman reviewed the company's eight years of development and thanked the people of Youweixin for accompanying the company's growth and witnessing these glorious moments. The Chairman has high hopes for the family of Youweixin, urging everyone to move forward bravely and jointly open a new chapter for Youweixin, making Youweixin the first in the domestic and foreign ultraviolet field, contributing the best ultraviolet products to humanity, and also enabling the people of Youweixin to lead a better life!


The company's executives delivered speeches and announced the company's "five major events" for 2023, as well as instructions and requirements for the company's development plan for 2023.



  & nbsp; The chairman of the trade union introduced the responsibilities and significance of the trade union, and introduced the main work arrangements of the trade union in 2023 to all colleagues.


  As the live birthday song sounded, we came to the celebration section, and invited the general managers of all business departments and birthday representatives who celebrated their birthdays in March to come on stage to celebrate Youweixin's eighth birthday.




After eight years of concerted efforts, we have walked sonorously and achieved outstanding results repeatedly;

After eight years of courage and perseverance, our hearts are surging and we are dreaming and traveling far.

For Youweixin, eight years is a milestone of achievement and a new starting point,

All Youweixin people will act as pioneers, leaders, and inheritors,

Welcoming the next eight years of climbing the peak, helping to create a new engine of high-quality development for the company,

Join hands to draw a magnificent and grand plan for Youweixin's new journey.